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Modifikasi MIO

Almost 3 months in a Motor mio sporty that I buy from the rack heat lips I own a lot of love and dukanya when the motorhome is my mio. sukanya because I like a more naek engkot or numpang same motor temen kalo kemana2, and I dukanya is a demon on the road I have suffered especially in the speed 100km/jem body, the face is a kenapa2 but the things that make a mouth, what is the wind kenceng at the time of motor naek often melambai2 kayak flag. how do i have papa origin effects to other motorcycle rider, but this has hurt another driver. for the other rider is exposed to water splash effect in heaven helem their glass or glass in their car, the windshield glass helem their car so I berembun a demon beside them again.
The future of the reason I finally decided to buy a wind shield (protective wind) so I terhalangi by the wind which is often a dash face and especially lips gw. I start where information cari2 place that sells a complete motol equipment, and finally I get ifo from mouth to mouth I have a computer in the way Hayam Wuruk. Finally, a coast road that precisely in the area of Jl. III citrus gardens in the right goal because I terkejutnya how many stores that sell motor modification part, but unfortunately there is so complete the sale is there a modification lips, gravely. After finding a place that I have used surveys over the internet that is jalina motor (ih yah namanya gak gaul) soalnya gw there is a lot of selling motor metic part, how I want to buy a carbon tailback but unfortunately again abis. I continue to ask this is this is the retailer to retailer ngadepin overwhelmed lips gw. Pas gw tanya disk before you have him, hold him and I love the price match dah! 270 thousand kira2 price and brand RACING BOY (it's brand very dapper). After that I started and boardes lyrics ngeliriknya although with great difficulty because kealingan lips, wo .... Www gahar times change ye footrst (footrst = boardes). continue to make a start deh tawar2 His brother open bid price 240 rebu hold a fresh 100, eh no chance he would like to start anger nyilet2 lip I, on the lips of a bedarah2 eventually raise a bid to become a 200 rebu. finally hold him loose with 210 rebu kamipun and agree with the price of 210 rebu deal! deal.
once buy this buy that, I think more like me here is not beli2 beginian dah which seems to have forgotten, but what deh yah. I started trying to remember the mengulum2 lips while I finally inget gw also here I want to buy a wind shield!. Gw liat chance wind shied specialist shops and a drop in initial abang2nya dah over 260 open price rebu but eventually I get 254 rebu (well only down 6 rebu doank, but it's sizable enough to buy a lipstick). The TOT-al is a 779 + thousand pairs of charges. After I installed all dah coast home to a house before but I used to show what a home to the ferry soalnya kan he mionya same ama gw. Pas sampe sana si peri ngiri same wind shieldnya continue bininya ferry ngiri same boardesnya. but I wonder why they do the same lips I ngiri yah. ah next time I find the modification lips dah biar ngiri them also.



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