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New Motor Honda, New Supra X 125

Not yet old launched Fit X, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) re-launched its new duck. This new motor design more explicit and sharp.

New Honda Supra X 125 didaulat to fill the market segment that wants the product model hi-grade Cub (ultimate club). New Honda Supra X 125 still uses the same engine with the previous generation, but the design more attractive. Line to give the impression bodynya firm and dynamic, modern and sporty. Motor is provided in two different engine types, the injection system and the carburettor.

What's on offer New Honda Supra X 125, such as: lighting system with multi-reflector bulb ganda (double bulb) that produces light brighter and more knowledgeable. Sein front lights and lamps made senjanya ignites. There are also 3D design Advance legshield (cover feet) to the dynamic and robust. Design knalpotnya use design racing so add sporty impression. Instrumennya electronic panel.

Make sure your color selection right, because there are 12 color variants: Three types of color for injection casting wheel: Galaxy Brown, Cosmo Black and Red Techno; five colors for type carburettor casting wheel: Black Power, Thunder Blue, Blaze Red, White and Speed Racing yellow, and four colors for type carburettor spoke wheel: Platinum Silver, Royal White, Laser Red and Yellow Active.

New Supra X 125 velg racing carburettor with the sale price of Rp 14.6 million, while for velg fingers with the price of Rp 13.6 million. Variants for the injection was Rp 15.7 million.


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