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Gambar Suzuki Apv Arena SGX 2010

Gambar Suzuki Apv Arena SGX 2010
Gambar Suzuki Apv Arena SGX 2010 interior Desain
These changes can be seen on the front bumper and grille. Then the head-lamp and a larger multireflektor. To view the background, the background has been changed with menyatunya between the brake light with turn signal. While on business machines still use the old engine APV namely G15A 1500cc engine 16-cylinder MPI with a maximum power 105 PS at 6000 rpm propeller.
Recently Indomobil Niaga International (IMNI) launched its Suzuki APV which was named New APV Arena on October 4 2007 in Jakarta. Actually not too many things that strange, considering the face-lift New APV is exactly the same as the Suzuki Landy is marketed in Japan. Suzuki Landy's appearance coincides with the automobile exhibition in China, namely Shanghai Auto 2007 days ago, April 2007.
While for a type 3 variants. If we first recognize APV GA, GE, GL, GX, the variant that is now GL, GX, and SGX. Available for transmission of the GL MT, MT GX, GX and SGX AT MT.


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