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Honda CBR 1000RR Cumi From Depok

From the side of which depicts Cuminya? Perhaps the fairing design and centerbone as tentakel on marine animals. In addition, if viewed from a distance, you are certainly a black suspect who was quickly melesat CBR 1000RR.

CBR1000RR model is, "So-called Cumi (Cuma similar)," says Wardoyo, builder of the home modifications Dave Motor Concept (DMC) that use to belong to motor Hamka passed from Depok.

The base motor itself is actually made in 2007 Honda CBR150R. According Wardoyo, Hamka passed semirip may have dibikinkan CBR 1000RR, without the added or reduced. Because no experience in the main waste MOGE plus iron plate ketok Hamka passed the request is not considered difficult.

The design was started from the front. "Because chase each CBR 1000RR latest version, the front lights have selected CBR600. A little wider, please. But, sudutnya approach. Then, from the lights, fairing and engine-guard formed of sheet-like MOGE Honda, the appropriate dimensions, "says the original Wardoyo Sragen, Central Java, the.

So that the indentation on the side tebeng does not drop out to the back, outside the framework of the original deltabox re-use custom license plate. The goal is that increasing the width dimensions involved and be consistent when tebeng side grip the tank and also have got the touch.

The stern was formed from the original more slim CBR 150R. Wardoyo claim, use the back of the frame with the main ketok. To be a little up and also combined with a broad centerbone before.

Less perfect when the similarity in body only, while the leg-foot standard. Shockbreaker for the future, the standard Honda RCV have changed little in the custom-porosnya to enter. Accidental Shockbreaker dimensional fit and does not change when the Rake is installed.

Meanwhile, the back is still the original part, only in the swing-arm with a custom add about 7 centimeters long so that the harmonic forms. Consequences should move forward under the position holder monoshock about 3 centimeters.

Sipnya again, Wardoyo can tuck exhaust Handmade in poop. Smart enough to manipulate this vacuum because of the engine dimensions would not want to be too small. Enggak anything, the most important one is the desire Hamka passed achieve.


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