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Kawasaki Athlete

Motor is targeted at consumers with a range of well-established in the age range of 18-35 years. A smart, dynamic, aggressive, stylish, and sporty. In terms of gender equality for men clearly established.

125 Zone-based because then all the benefits in this motor, what? See below.

* Step shorter piston's diameter, commonly referred to as oversquare making it easier berakselerasi. In other words, the champion in round bawah.Kawasaki Athlete
* Canvas clutch of five areas with the most knowledgeable gesek other than motor that is 257 square centimeters. Make them more resistant gesek, not noisy, and support the acceleration.
* Ganda filter system, with a screen filter and filter paper. For this feature to give the name of Kawasaki's acronym DFLS lubrication Double Filter System. This ensures lasting engine components.
* Filter the air is very large, the scanning image gave the impression radiator. Unfortunately, only a mere filter. However, treatment and able to facilitate the air stream with optimal

Then, should disimak also something special.

* The clear, her cock so real. Forefoot teleskopik diameter while the large rear monoshock with typical Kawasaki unitrack maintaining stability and rider comfort.
* Cakram front on the back of the twin pot.Kawasaki prefer to mention this to the term of the double piston since generation Kaze 110. Remember, the back still not a single piston double piston. Kawasaki offers something new for Username ground water model that is designed disc Wave Disc Plate System
* CDI embrace non limiter, so round so that the engine is not limited to the different users at the other, in general,
* Tank of fuel in the middle so the easier fuel
* Under the seat there is a baggage 4.5 liter.
* Handlebar clip prepossess sporty, especially with the black solid packing.
* Available in three color options, Glossy Black, Silver Blue, and Lime Green


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