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kawasaki z1000 Super Bike

kawasaki z1000 Super Bike..................
Kawasaki Best Motor In the world.can u see best motor in your country.Primed to once again set the performance naked class ablaze, the Z1000 receives seriously bulked up performance and styling for the year 2007; just a look at the new Z1000 should tell you something of the awesome ride in store, for the savage beauty of this machine directly mirrors its ferocious performance.

With engine and chassis characteristics refocused for serious street riding, the new model more than takes up where its predecessor left off - it redefines what pure naked performance really is all about out there in the real world.

The Z1000 engine has been tuned to satisfy the most demanding big-bore power riders, with torque boosted across the rev range, particularly in the low- to mid-range to provide loads of muscle when and where it's most needed out there on the street. Even from cruising speeds a twist of the throttle really delivers the goods, and the engine will keep on pulling hard right through the rev range as the world around you seems to switch to fast forward.


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