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New Ducati Monster M400

This is the Ducati M400 Monster cc! Ukuranya exactly with the Monster M 600 and M620 Dark ie. The difference mesinya only 400 cc. Bobotnya around 170 kg, 7 kg more lightweight version of the M 620 ie. One is the lack of a front disc brake only one (left), but I need to worry because the average owner of Monster M 400 already installed the brake disc to the right - holder brake already available so stay pairs. Performance does not need to doubt even though only 400 F 400CC engine can produce 52 HP and top speed 180 km / j's easy to achieve in. Oh yes Ariel Peter Pan and Ari Wibowo recorded as the owner of 6 units of 400 M circulating in Indonesia. Ga for spare parts need to worry because the same component of M 400 with the exact components that other variants Monster.


Agusanto R Subagio said...

Saya juga ada DUCATI M 400, 2010 import dari Jepang Kondisi Mint,.....siapa berminat dapat email ke

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