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Suzuki FXR 150 And Suzuki Satria 150 Suzuki Fu Succession Mahakarya southeast Asi

Each year always remove suzuki new products. Suzuki FXR products are topnotch in enough time.
It was manufactured in Malaysia since 1997 for the European market, Australia, and Asia. In Indonesia, this motor replaces the RGR 150, a sportbike is not motorized 2.
Outside Indonesia, it replaces the 125 series RGV also no motorized 2.

Actually unwittingly Suzuki Southeast Asia have also been continuing a tradition that has been Mahakarya dirintis by FXR.
Namely with the birth of suksesor Satria 120.
Mahakarya in a 2 to the Millennium, 150 Suzuki Satria FU.
Duck male performance Sportsbike.
Presumably this is a carefulness in work from the Suzuki marketing.
Viewing the problem from two different but successfully overcome both perfectly.

Various types of technology at that time was on the FXR dijejalkan - from the oil cooler to digitalize Fully speedometer,
even the last-called new fully applied by Ducati in 2003 at their flagship product, 999 Superbike.
While users can already enjoy FXR at least since 2000.
For performance need not be asked, of 21 hp can tersalur mulus to the rear wheel of FXR.

Performance offered by FXR almost all owned by Suzuki Satria FU 150.
Despite recent mesinya only 16.8 hp but weight Satria Fu 150 is only 95 kilograms - 23 kilograms lighter of FXR.
Making Satria FU 150 fastest duck in the market, even in the world can be.
To top speed do not matter dirahukan.
Satria FU 150 does not have difficulties to go 145 km / j, and some claim that this duck is able to reach 190 km / j.

For the owner Satria FU 150 so-so proud to get a degree if tungganganya "most rapid in the earth."
Not that the over-Suzuki Satria FU 150 is a duck in the face of the earth faster.
Because until now there has not really duck the motor much faster from the Satria FU 150.
In addition, motor duck population only in Asia, particularly southeast Asia and there are not any in the continent.
Despite this fact also affected at the top of the motor with suspicion on the 100cc engine is considered dangerous to the size of Europe and the United States is prohibited, so outstanding



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