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Suzuki Thunder 125 VS Bajaj XCD 125

Attendance Bajaj XCD 125 make swing Suzuki Thunder 125 cc that is to appear first in the class does not mulus cilik motor sport. PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (Bai) you can not head on with a Suzuki, but the price difference is slight - XCD Rp. Thunder 13.5 million and Rp 14.3 million (OTR Jakarta) - make them compete.

MOTOR Plus team perform tests with the three parameters, but shown here only two elements; comfort and fuel consumption.

Handlebar XCD (read; Eksit) is quite high, the feel is lighter and easier. Jakarta road trip through the famous traffic jams, such as the circumference to the east until Pulogadung, does not feel heavy.

With Suzuki Thunder, sitting position is quite nunduk because the style setangnya sport. When passing through the jammed streets to make driving more bearable difficult.

For long trips, very steady ride Thunder. Not only that, ergonomi like this kesiagaan promises rather more relaxed style that is designed Bajaj.

In high-speed, grip and grip gas pressure so that the shoulders make Thunder is more stable. Moreover, wind barriers reduced because of the position of the body more droop.

Despite the position ergonomi more sporty, retro Thunder feels more futuristic rather than the Bajaj. Spidometer lights and rounded without hood, very close to the classic Japanese style. Style is eternal, of course, still nice views plus modifable.

Medium Eksit have a different genre. Coverlid taper design, the futuristic features, especially digital spido make sophisticated expression. Uniquely, handlebar grip, and thus rather more ancient Thunder.

View the overall problem, Thunder looks better than the Macho Eksit. Model tanks larger prepossess stout, making them more muscle to a bike.

Eksit other again, it looks like the Italian motorcycle design and slim taper. Moreover, design of the taillights, wuih .. can make the flow of modern ngiler modifikator!

Eksit: Bebek Berbackbone?
On the other hand, the operation of the gear lever in the front Eksit to all. Close to make the motor berkontruksi underbone duck. Can this berbackbone duck?

Lack of Eksit rather have Thunder in the braking. Conventional drum system for front and back, of course, more lemot rather than the system disk for the front wheel of Thunder.

Acceleration spontannya be muted by a lack of brake drum bite. Moreover, if the flood water, for example, the brakes, please akan weak.


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