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Keeway Hurricane 50 Picture

Keeway Hurricane 50 Picture...................
The Keeway Hurricane's compact size and powerful engine give this scooter the performance needed to get you where you need to go and back. Two Stroke pep and plenty of style The Keeway Hurricane could be the answer to your ride.

The Keeway scooters are are highly upgradable for the best performance out of a small 49cc two stroke scooter. You may get cylinder kits plus exhaust and trans upgrades.

From our test the Keeway Hurricane 49cc scooter is at the top of our list in performance and the way its put togther just so much better than other scooters on the internet we have stopped selling most that do not measure up.

The Hurricane 50 gets the job done around town quick. Get to class or run errands and save gas. The solution to everyday day needs in a fast paced world.

This popular model in the style of the Vento Zip has been a favorite with young riders all over the world and is now here in the states. with scooters being th eanswer to everyday transportation in most countries the USA now has the same choices for gas gas saving transportation.

With alloy wheels stainless steel exhaust and electric start the inexperience rider will love the ease of ridding the Keeway Hurricane 49cc scooter.


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