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Ktm 525 Sx Motor Cross

Ktm 525 Sx Motor Cross...........
Fork - In 2003, all SX models will be outfitted with White Power USD 48 mm forks equipped with a pre-load adjuster. This means: the spring preload can be readjusted fast and easily on the outside. In contrast to the 2002 fork, the new fork now has three bushes per fork tube, which ensures a better guidance of the inner tubes during compression travel. Both wipe and radial shaft seal, as well as the bearings, were obtained from new suppliers and, in combination with a new fork oil, ensure a markedly improved response. KTM also improved the chromium quality of the fork coating to prevent excessive “pumping up“ of the fork in use.

Shock Absorber - The WP PDS shock absorber was modified considerably. A bigger compensating tank and a larger oil volume prevent premature fading. Changed flow cross-sections for the oil stream and new tuning setups provide better progression. This results in an improved response with a greater impact resistance.

Cylinder/Cylinder Head/Carburettor A new cylinder head, whose port cross-section was increased from 39 to 41 mm, and a new Keihin FCR-MX 41 carburettor with hot-start knob, as well as lighter valve springs improve peak power. Through a change in timing, the modified camshaft boosts peak power and increases the maximum r.p.m. An improved cover for the actuation of the accelerator pump keeps out dirt and prevents malfunction.

Ignition System - New digital control electronics and a about 500 grams lighter ignition system deliver improved throttle response.
New spark plugs, having a modified socket contact (12 mm), will in the future reduce the likelihood of contact malfunction with the socket.


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