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KYMCO KR Sport 125cc

KYMCO KR Sport 125cc..........
Companies from South East Asia never fail to impress me. From Hyundai in the four-Wheeler Hysoung to industry when it comes to motorcycles. And now Kymco. We all know they make good lil scooters, which actually sell well in countries like Italy and this new 125cc bike, the Sports KR, is all set to change the way people look at Kymco.

First impression when you see the bike is as if its a modified CBR 125R. Koreans were known to copy automobiles Taiwanese now well and have done it too. In fact, Kymco KR have made the look better than the CBR, and I personally think this has been possible with the use of wider tires (110mm front and 140mm at the rear) and a wider looking fairing up front.

Engine and performance wise though, the KR is nowhere near the CBR. The 125cc runs a carb instead of Fuel Injection on the CBR, and pumps out 12.8 bhp and 9.9 Nm of torque as compared to 13bhp and 10.6 Nm for the CBR 125R. The difference isn't huge but when you consider that the KR weighs around 15kilos more, runs 110mm front and 140mm rear tire, surely the performance takes a hit. The true top speed for example is 104km / h, around 10km / h less than what the CBR manages. But what is interesting is that the company claims that top speed is limited to 104 by the rev-limiter. Now, why such a thing?

Anyways, pricing has always been the trump card Korens, with the KR Retailing for £ 300 less than the CBR 125R at £ 2399.



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