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KYMCO Quannon 150 Super Motor

KYMCO Quannon 150 Super Motor..........
KYMCO's recently released Quannon 150 sportbike (MSRP $ 3,449) is destined for U.S. dealerships during the second quarter of 2009 as an early-release 2010 model.

The bike, for Euro markets released last year, is powered by a 149.3cc water-cooled four-stroke four-valve kymco_quannon150 engine producing 14 hp. Physically, it's not much smaller than Kawi Ninja 250R's. People will recognize it as being more diminutive than a 600-class machine, but not by much.

I had the chance to road test the Quannon earlier this year. I stand 5'9 "and found the ergonomics quite hospitable. At a standstill I was comfortably flat-footed with knees bent. Once underway, the clip-on-like handlebars and slightly rear-set foot pegs supplied equal comfort with a sporty feel.

The bike has an extremely short first gear (something I also noticed during a recent test of the Indian-made 160cc TVS Apache RTR) but a quick shift out and through the next four gears supplied more than enough forward thrust to propel me confidently down the 55 mph county Roads on which I was riding.



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