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Gambar Modif motor Honda Vario CBS Tecno 2010 combi brake system

Gambar Modifikasi motor Honda Vario CBS Tecno 2010
Gambar Modif motor Honda Vario CBS Tecno 2010 combi brake system
Skutik CBS Vario Vario initial acceleration techno Techno CBS is fairly good, especially early burst of energy was very organized, so we are not going to see and receive a jolt or shock, which means as often happens in other brands skutik when the gas pedal when he suddenly turned up to walk .

Advantages of this bike course is on the combi brake system recently always favored by Honda. The first new feature implemented in Indonesia skutik this was not excessive and it was very effective when used on the road.
Examples on the highway many events 'unexpected' in which the ability of drivers brake and vigilance is needed. Starting from brake suddenly, often causing the incident, until the shocking events like the one crossing the road unexpectedly.

Harga Biaya Modifikasi motor Honda Vario CBS Tecno 2010:
VELG: Rp 2.000.000,00
BAN: Rp 1.000.000,00
DISC disc PSM: Rp 500.000,00
OIL COOLER: Rp 300,000,00
MONOSOK: Rp 200,000,00
KNALPOT CUSTOM: Rp 500,000,00
SEPATBOR CUSTOM: Rp 1.000,000,00
JOK: Rp 700,000,00
Modif COST: Rp 1.000,000,00

And in situations like this, which has a principle feature distributes traction power to the wheel brakes both front and rear with a proportionate share of this becomes very necessary. if and interested and want to have a motor CBS Tecno Vario you can buy at the closest Honda dealership in your town. Good luck ...


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