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Gas Motor Scooters - 3 Tips For Prospective Buyers

With record high fuel prices, the news outlets have been talking about how Americans are desperate to find modes of transportation that are not as costly as driving an automobile.
With gas prices reaching over $4.00 per gallon in the spring of 2008, motor scooter sales are booming as drivers struggle to pay the rising cost at the pumps. For the past 5 years we've watched fuel prices almost double which has lead many drivers with no other option but to find cheaper ways of traveling. Savvy drivers have been looking for ways to reduce their gas budgets, which has lead to the increase in sales of gas motor scooters.

It might be that when you think of a motor scooter, you automatically think of the small scooters that had little use other than something to play around on. Over the years scooter manufacturers have listened to find out what consumers want when building a motor scooter. Consumers responded saying that they wanted a scooter that could replace their car and that they wanted something that can be driven anywhere that a car could be driven. Although small gas scooters with 50cc engines are still available and are selling fast as well, you should also know that newer, larger motor scooters are a hot commodity today. These newer, faster gas scooters have engines over 100cc's and features such as windshields, radios and larger tires, that are not normally available on a smaller scooter. The new generation motor scooters are allowing consumers more freedom when it comes to driving a gas scooters since these can be driven on major highways.

If you're about to start looking for a gas scooter, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying a gas motor scooter:

How Long Will You Keep It?

First you will want to decide what you plans are in terms of how long you plan to keep your gas powered motor scooter. If you're looking for a model that you can keep for a number of years and drive thousands of miles you will want to consider buying a model with a larger engine. Larger engines will be better suited for high mileage, whereas a small, inexpensive motor scooter would be better suited to driving short distances or on an occasional basis. Popular among students are the small, cheap scooters that provide reliable and economical transportation during the summer months. A small, 50cc model would be well suited to this purpose. Usually the brand should be a consideration when determining the quality of a motor scooter. Of the brand name scooters such as Vespa and Honda, you will notice that there are many still on the road today that were built in the 70's & 80's. A gas powered scooter, when properly maintained can last for years, or if abused and neglected, may last only a few seasons.

Engine Size

Of all the factors to consider when buying a gas powered scooter, engine size quite possibly the most important. The size of engine that the scooters has will will dictate where you will be able to drive the scooter. Small scooters with engine sizes below 50cc, are good for streets, but if you want to drive it on the highway, you will want to get a 100cc model or higher. If you plan to use your motor scooter on highways, buy the largest model that you can afford on your budget and consult your Department of Motor Vehicles office to find out specific laws regarding driving motor scooters in your area.


Cost may be the most important factor for many when choosing a motor scooter that's right for you. There are motor scooters available for less than $1000 which are good as a means of transportation for short distances, on secondary roads or for a specific period of time in life, such as a summer break. These scooters are usually made in China and are available on the internet for less than $1000. If your budget is a little higher, a more mainstream scooter such as a Vespa or Honda is a great option as these are proven to be quality scooters. If your budget is larger and you want the ultimate in luxury motor scooters or a scooter full of features, a Piaggio MP3 or a Suzuki Burgman might be right for you. These larger scooters are actually about the same size as a motorcycle, but offer the uniqueness of a gas motor scooter.

Before buying a scooter, ensure that you do adequate research so that you purchase the scooter that will be best for your needs.

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