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Mio Contest Modification

White Mio Modificaton
Modifikasi Yamaha MioAir Brush Mio Matic Modification
Mio contest modification
Modifikasi mio in Europe, such as what? Geba Leisure Parts (GLP) try modifikasi mio through Yamaha Mio Modif , owned a home Lamongan, East Java. "The concept leads to the European style because there matik many make it," said Gerie Nur Mayurie, home modifications GLP leaders in Bandung, West Java.
Evident once the results of this garapan GLP. Some details taken from a Peugeot Ludix, scooter popular in France. Models such as head lamp, and the body side of the slim Mio Modif far more obese. According to the Ardhi Kupret, GLP blade design, the design is that Modif Mio is stout and enggak cewek banget.
Sector around the side of the body appears to been serious. For example cover fan magnet participate gambot studied. Adjustments to the results pemelaran body, shortened the stern, making skubek berlambang tune this fork semok more.
View more body side so be sweet after such a pipe chrome trim. This is an innovation. "If the motor man looks cool with a deltabox. Well, this kind of framework of indirection," Gerie smile while discussing the use not original frame pipe 1 1 / 2 inches long with a 140 cm.
How installation is not difficult. Lis tied with bolts to the original order. This is to facilitate the unloading pasang.Untuk strengthen the European-style appearance, others took part untouched. As the bar, here's Gerie Yamaha X1R pinch, although must be custom because the body is less fit and rider position. How, add aluminum as 8 cm in the middle of the screen setang.Pemakaian determine participate. Here, GLP deliberately doff the cat from Spies Hecker. If too kinclong, said Gerie, terkesannya girly banget. So, before dilabur with candy red paint, body first be painted silver. To form the display screen doff, used a special type of varnish can cause these effects.
"In effect, become more motor serem. Disadvantages if rain or water, between striped body looks wet and not," I Gerie. *


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