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Motor Mega Pro 150 cc 2010 Vs Yamaha Byson

Motor Mega Pro 150 cc 2010 Vs Yamaha Byson
Gambar Motor Mega Pro 150 cc 2010 Terbaru
Honda mega Pro 150 cc to compete with yamaha Byson currently have entered the market in 2010. This competition is also there in Thunder suzuki 150 cc class. Substitution machine in line with the revolution that made Honda to motor sport this flagship. For Honda will replace the entire display Mega Pro to her new look more fresh and futuristic.

The line design (Mega Pro) are different, ranging from the lamp shell front to back is just all
And because the changes are so revolutionary that the latest Mega Pro is also true we can say as the All New Mega Pro. This turnover also seemed to be the answer to all requests Mega Pro refreshing view that has lasted so long. Last quarter of 2009 and our arrival was 150 cc engine.
This latest Mega Pro will reportedly be out on the market in late January or February 2010 was.


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