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2010 BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer Europe

2010 BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer Europe2010 BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer Europe Edition

Chris Pfeiffer was at the Berlin Spandau plant in person at the beginning of July 2009 for the start of serial production of this F 800 R special model: he lent a hand himself and even rode the very first BMW F 800 R Chris Pfeiffer off the assembly line. As a small thank-you for this first special model bearing his name, the four-times World and European Stunt-Riding Champion provided a “best of” selection from his numerous stunt shows and competitions for the staff at the BMW Motorrad production plant. As he said when it was all over: “I am very pleased and proud that there will be a BMW Motorcycle on sale which bears my name. I regard this as both a great honour and powerful source of motivation. Riding the first machine to bear my signature off the production line really was a unique experience.”


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