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2010 Yamaha New V-ixion Release

After Jupiter Z released late last year, PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMIKI) released the photographs Vixion latest social networking site Facebook, through the account Yamaha Motor Indonesia (YMI). In the YMI photo albums are even given the name New Vixion. In the picture album photos posted four new Vixion. Unfortunately, some fans threw Yamaha Vixion their disappointment opinion in one of these photos New Vixion. "How the hell just a facelift? Less manteb," said Fajar Hidayat Sundanese.

The same thing also expressed by facebooker named Awanz Sharif. "How light replaced talaga reply? Where the disc back? Digital speedometer change dong," he said. Once scanned, the latest Yamaha Vixion also appear on the site was "Latest from Yamaha V-Ixion," the writing on the site. Latest Vixion only change the headlamp, side a black frame, and the stripping body.2010 Yamaha New V-ixion


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