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Kawasaki KX-10Z Skidmark Bodyparts

Kawasaki KX-10Z Skidmark BodypartsManufactured from lightweight 450gm CSM material backed with fabric, then the prize and a seat unit which pre-drilled mounting points according to the existing and the kit is supplied with quick-release Dzus fasteners. Unlike the present road, the race version does not have an indicator light aperture or mount points, and instead have a pot belly covered with a catch tray to comply with ACU rules. Skidmarx produce their race bodywork in plain white, ready to be painted in team colors; Ras gift sells for £ 260.00 and one unit chair (with integrated undertray) costs £ 110.00 (including VAT). A matching front guard are also available, price £ 47.00.

Completing the package is a race Skidmarx screen for ZX-10R. Made from 2mm acrylic optics to enhance clarity, is thinner and lighter than the street version. Standard retail display race for £ 39.95 and double bubble £ 49.95 version.


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