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Motor Kawasaki Edge VR & R 2010 115cc

Gambar Motor Kawasaki Edge VR & R 2010
Motor Kawasaki Edge VR & R 2010

Motor Kawasaki Edge VR & R 2010
Motor Kawasaki Edge VR & R 2010
This time Kawasaki has launched added than 10 types, alignment from chic to chic sports ducks. Now in aboriginal 2010, alternate Kawasaki adds new alternative "Edge 115 CC". Motor ducks that await on this 112 CC can adept the toughest fields. It

because the conception of terispirasi Edge Kawasaki Ninja 250R. In addition, the allowances additionally accurate the all-embracing adventurous architecture followed the trend of today. This is axiomatic from the anatomy is added futuristic, glassy and bunched adumbrated that the acicular lines. From the ancillary console was added complete, in agreement of the appearance of a rhombus and the combined

triangle to appearance the speed, in the average of the larboard odameter indicators. One unit, connected Suriadi offered at Rp 14.5 actor for blazon R and blazon Edge Edge VR accomplished USD 15.5 million. Competitive amount makes this duck-class motor into one above artefact Kawasaki.

Edge itself adopted from the apparatus with a accommodation of 4 was 112 cc agent of the acclaimed abiding and added able but able of best action at 8:30 HP 8000 rpm spin.


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