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2010 Modern Classic Motorcycle Triumph Bonneville

2010 Adventurer Motorcycle Triumph Bonneville

Motorcycle Engine Triumph Bonneville 2010

2010 Cool Motorcycle Triumph Bonneville

2010 Motorcycle Pictures Triumph Bonneville

2010 Elegant Motorcycle Triumph Bonneville


The Bonneville features a fuel injection system designed for clean running and to meet Euro 3 Legislation. The retro styling Remains uncompromised though, as the fuel injectors are cleverly concealed by throttle Bodies designed to look like traditional carbs. Polished alloy side Covers come as standard on the new Bonneville.
The Bonneville sports stylish lightweight 17-inch cast alloy wheels, Creating an all new look and Improving the bike's agility and low speed handling Characteristics.
Exhaust System:
Stylish megaphone exhausts Mimic those sported by the raciest bikes in the 1970s.
Braking The set-up of 310 mm single front disc and 255 mm rear, Both worked on the powerful twin-piston calipers, Offers sensitivity, control and Ample Stopping Power.
The 2010 Bonneville's seat is comfortable 35mm/1.3in Lower Than on previous models. Combined with a Revised riding position, the latest Bonneville provides a more relaxed ride and Accessible Than ever Before.
The Bonneville's low seat height (740mm/29.1inches) and low center of gravity make it a manageable motorcycle That all riders - Ranging from those with little experience to those with lots - can appreciate. The tubular steel double cradle frame is incredible strong and light while Offering Precise handling.


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