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2000 Used Motorcycle Triumph Daytona 955i

Motorcycle Pictures Blue Triumph Daytona 955i 2000

2000 Sports Motorcycle Triumph Daytona 955i

Motorcycle Covers Triumph Daytona 955i 2000

Elegant Motorcycle Triumph Daytona 955i 2000

Motorcycle Pictures Yellow Triumph Daytona 955i

The new round-section silencer has a less bulky appearance, although performance is unaffected, and shows off the impressive rear 1. The new silver finish on the wheels matches that used on the frame, improving the bike's appearance and visual integrity. 2. The bike's excellent straight-line stability has not suffered.The 15mm shorter wheelbase has been achieved by modifying the swingarm, a move that has given the Daytona even more flickable steering and a faster rate of turn. Second generation ECM unit 3. Revised gearchange mechanism 4. Aluminium silver colour option 5.Revised graphics 6.Round section, brushed finish silencer 7. Silver coloured wheels 8. 15mm shorter wheelbase 9.The 955i also features a second generation, more compact engine management unit (ECM). Visual enhancements include the new, round-section silencer with brushed metal finish, silver wheels and sportier, more aggressive graphics. The engine, designed at Triumph in collaboration with Lotus to optimise the port and combustion chamber shapes and cam profiles, is unchanged for 2000, as is the unique tubular aluminium perimeter frame, although a modified swingarm has allowed a 15mm reduction in the Daytona's wheelbase.
The 955i's appeal goes further, its three cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine having a unique character and soulful howl when being used hard which is a delightful background to the forceful acceleration. But importantly, with Triumph's focus on producing a machine designed for fast road use and not purely as a track-oriented machine, the 955i was able to offer its own particular qualities enhancing its real-world performance. The 955i met all the requirements needed to carve a niche for itself in the hard fought big capacity sports bike category - an immensely powerful engine with a broad spread of torque, a chassis to satisfy even the hardest riders on the race track and brakes which matched ferocious stopping power with easy controllability. It illustrated Triumph's ability to compete at the highest, most competitive levels in a technically advanced market.The Daytona 955i was the first of a second generation of Hinckley Triumphs and moved away from the modular design concept machines that had re-established the company as a serious force in motorcycling.


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