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2010 Yamaha FZ1
It is a riders best ally, from track days, to commuting to touring. There is more fuel-injected power in that smooth 20-valve four-cylinder than most riders will ever use in a sure footed chassis. Think of the 2010 Yamaha FZ1 as an upright Yamaha R1 ready to take on the world. Stripped down and ready to rumble. The FZ1 is a serious sport bike that offers an exceptionally comfortable and exciting riding experience. R1 inspired power, fuel injection, twin spar aluminum frame and fully adjustable suspension. The FZ1 offers exceptional open class performance with cutting style. You are looking at one of the best values in Yamaha's 2010 line-up. Surprisingly comfortable eh? Crunch the numbers, do the math and then take a seat aboard the world's best "naked" sport bike. the FZ1 offers it all. The twist is you do not have to sacrifice performance or handling to gain excellent rider and passenger comfort... Unlike most other machines in this class, the Yamaha FZ1 features a state of the art engine and chassis designs. The Yamaha 2010 FZ1 a cutting edge sport bike with a twist.


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