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Contest Modification of Mio VS Beat 2010

honda beat modification with color concept chrome grafis
This is picture of honda beat modification with color concept chrome grafis. I think first of step to make the modification of this motorcycle is, first you must chrome your body motors. And then you must go to the place that can make paint concept grafis for your chrome body motorcycle. After that, buy the acessories for your honda beat full chrome grafis. If you live in solo, you can go to klitikan market in semanggi. Buy the cheap acessories for your motors. If you want to buy more expensive acessories, go to gemblekan. You can buy in garuda acessories of other acessories motors shop in there. Go to modif your motors now and follow the contest of modification next time in your city.

picture of mio drag modification
Dont worry, if you dont like the first modification. look at the picture of mio drag modification. I take the picture form contest modification in surabaya last month.
I have many photos and images about motors modification. I will post a lot of bike modification in this site. Keep Update just in this blogs. Thx for visiting my blogs about motors modification concept.


ferry lazzuardo said...

terima kasih atas informasinya..
kunjungi juga website kami double cabin

sukses selalu

ferry lazzuardo said...

Jangan berhenti untuk terus berkarya, semoga

kesuksesan senantiasa menyertai kita semua.
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