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Gambar Motor Skuter TVS Qube 2.0 Hybrid

Producer motorcycles which do not dribble aka skutik automated scooter bazaar in Indonesia. Growth in bazaar allotment skutik amazing winds, from beneath 5% in 2005, aerial to about 40% in four months in 2010.
TVS Qube 2.0 application the amalgam force as powernya and able to accommodate the optimum antithesis amid ability ability and low bankrupt emissions to abutment a greener future.
This abstraction explores the abstraction of motor minimalist futuristic. With a architecture aesthetics of 'Less is more', TVS Qube has a solid affectation from the caster caps, speedometer, panels, and exhaust. The aback bench until the lights that reflect how a motorcycle abstraction that fresh, clean, able-bodied be able candidates for the award-winning and apple recognition.
Gambar Motor Skuter TVS Qube 2.0 Hybrid
Gambar Motor Skuter TVS Qube 2.0 Hybrid Baru


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