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New Honda Motorcycles CBF600ABS 2010

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Braking is smooth and powerful, The suspension systems are also adjustable offering a comfortably tailored all-round riding package. The seat is adjustable with a smooth, narrow shape that provides superior comfort and an easy reach to the ground for any rider. The engine is housed in a lightweight, rigid die-cast aluminium frame that contributes to sharp and responsive handling. Its powerband is wide and easily accessible, offering a smooth ride with plenty of thrills when required. With a compact fuel-injected engine based on the one powering the race-winning CBR600RR, it is capable of powerful acceleration. Crowned by a beautifully integrated, frame-mounted cowl that offers wind protection at higher speeds, it has its own distinctive and aerodynamic elegance. The semi-Naked CBF600S is renowned for its ability to deliver comfort, performance and ease of handling in all kinds of situations. And with standard Combined Braking System with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), you can ride with added confidence. The seat height is comfortably low, and it's adjustable so you can be sure it'll fit you perfectly. It's cradled in a beautifully sculpted aluminum frame that contributes to the CBF600S ABS's sure handling and light weight. Proven on the tight city streets, twisty mountain passes and wide-open autobahns of Europe, the CBF600S ABS boasts a fuel-injected engine that has been specially tuned for extra low-end torque and smooth, user-friendly power delivery. The Honda CBF600S ABS is now available to Canadian riders who want a bike that's loaded with everything they need for years of riding fun. Easy to ride, yet packed with high-performance features.

Standard catalytic converter reduces exhaust emissions. Three-position adjustable seat and two-position adjustable windscreen allow you to tailor your CBF600S ABS for optimum comfort and control. Sleek half fairing features air-directing ports that deflect air around you for better comfort while also enabling lighter, easier handling. Compliant 41mm telescopic front fork and Monoshock rear damper deliver smooth, confident handling. Advanced die-cast aluminium frame keeps weight to a minimum while maintaining optimal stability for confident and sporty handling. Combined Braking System with ABS provides both the operating ease of linked brakes and the control of an advanced Anti-lock Braking System. Lightweight and compact fuel-injected 599cc inline-four engine is tuned for the most comfortable balance of performance and ease of use.


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