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Yamaha Unveils 2010 YFZ450X ATV

A year ago, Yamaha packs of brand new 450 sport quad that was so exciting, ATV Sport Magazine YFZ450R its "Sport Quad of the year."

ATV featured a lighter chassis, powerful engine, upgraded suspension, better ergonomics and a few other updates via standard YFZ450. Motocross racers and dune riders jumped over the machine and crush his bravery, to a point where the trail riders and others who have purchased standard YFZ could not help but feel a little jealous.

"Where is our faster acceleration?" they asked. And suddenly, ergonomics and suspension, which was then entitled to a standard YFZ450 ATV now feel that after knowing what was possible.

Yamaha people slipped direct questions and talked about the new version of R as a special edition species. But they also seemed to avoid eye contact when confronted about the possibilities a little closer, track-oriented version of the upgraded YFZ. It is obvious that something hiding - until now.

Big Blue took the wraps of the 2010 lineup of ATVs and the star attraction is a new model called YFZ450X. Thus, Yamaha has done more than simply claim its share to 24 letters of the alphabet (think about it - DVX, 450 x DS, 700XX TRX, KFX, 525 XC, MXR, 450 MX, etc.) are given new life in the market, sport quad, it threatens to grow stagnant because of the end of the scene immediately.

For 2010, Yamaha has also added several new colors to some of their ATVs, including the top and popular Grizzly Raptor 250, while decreased in two models that were not pulling their weight in the last few years (Big Bear Wolverine 250 and 350 ).


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