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2010 Supersports Motorcycles Suzuki GSX-R600

2010 New Sports Motorcycles Suzuki GSX650F

2010 Suzuki GSX650F Motorcycle Covers

2010 Luxury Motorcycles Suzuki GSX650F

2010 Suzuki GSX-R600
Innovative rear suspension linkage features a forged aluminum alloy link and one piece forged aluminum alloy link rod designed to increase traction and reduce side loads Inverted 41mm Showa front forks are fully adjustable for rebound, compression Aggressive overall design features a well balanced combination of compactness with the high performance look of a GSX-R An aluminum-alloy frame utilizing five cast sections is engineered to deliver the ideal balance of rigidity for improved handling and less weight Braced aluminum alloy swingarm is rigid with a large swingarm pivot and the swingarm assembly is designed for optimum suspension feedback and rear wheel traction Diecast aluminum seat rail features an updated two piece design for reduced weight Electronically controlled steering damper uses a solenoid valve to move a tapered needle reducing or increasing oil flow to adjust damping force. Ignore the lights and mirrors and the fact that this is also the cleanest-running four-cylinder 600cc motorcycle that Suzuki has ever built, and it's easy to imagine the GSX-R600 rolling directly out of a race shop. Packaged with exciting styling and optimum lighting and aerodynamics.

A compact combination of chassis and engine, fitted with advanced electronics, effective suspension and radial-mount brakes to not only make more power and accelerate harder but also to handle better, with the goal being a quicker lap time around a racetrack. A machine designed and refined by a team of talented engineers working together to build a motorcycle that delivers Balanced Performance. It is the GSX-R of the middleweight class, a product of Suzuki's legendary Integrated Design approach.


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