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2010 Touring Motorcycles Aprilia Mana 850

2010 New Motorcycles Aprilia Mana 850

2010 Aprilia Mana 850 Motorcycle Cover

2010 Sports Motorcycles Aprilia Mana 850

2010 Vintage Motorcycle Aprilia Mana 850

2010 Aprilia Mana 850
All you need to do The Mana takes all the stress from motorcycling while injecting more satisfaction and more fun into riding under all conditions, from commuting to sports touring on the open road. The Aprilia Mana 850 is so advanced and so unique that it simply cannot be compared with any other motorcycle. Only Aprilia, with its legendary technical skills, would have dared take on a challenge of this entity.

The Mana 850 is the state of the art in motorcycle technology. So whatever your riding style, and whatever the road conditions, the Mana 850 is the bike you will want to be on. Its revolutionary Sportgear transmission is electronically controlled to deliver unrivalled riding pleasure. With its exclusive and unmistakably Italian design, the Mana 850 is unique among motorcycles.

The Mana 850 is the bike the others will have to match, the first to turn the technology of tomorrow into the reality of today. Because the Mana 850 is really a number of motorcycles rolled into one, a bike for all seasons, designed to put safety, versatility and easy riding first. No ordinary motorcycle, the Mana 850 is destined to change the riding habits of bikers all over the world. But never before has Aprilia’s forward thinking and talented R&D department dared to create such an innovative and revolutionary motorcycle. Aprilia has always been ahead of its time, and often the first to develop technology other manufacturers have preferred to leave on the back burner. Motorcycling has taken a giant leap into the future with the Mana 850.


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