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2010 Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle Covers

2010 New Triumph Motorcycles Scrambler

2010 Vintage Triumph Motorcycles Scrambler

2010 Modern Classics Triumph Motorcycles Scrambler

Triumph Motorcycles for Sale Scrambler 2010

2010 Triumph Scrambler
With a strong tubular The high-level, chromed, stainless exhaust pipes, retro styled silencers and evocative heat shields are all key to the Scrambler’s unique look. The retro styling remains uncompromised though, as the fuel injectors are cleverly concealed by throttle bodies designed to look like traditional carbs. The Scrambler features a fuel injection system designed for clean running and to meet forthcoming Euro 3 legislation. 90% of peak torque is maintained from around 2,500rpm through to redline providing smooth, effortless acceleration throughout the five gears.

The twin balancer shafts provide civility and refinement. The Scrambler’s air-cooled, parallel twin cylinder engine offers a cubic capacity of 865cc for excellent mid-range torque. Perfect for the urban jungle or great escapes into the countryside, Triumph’s Scrambler is a classic traditional motorcycle with an unmatched feelgood factor. Add classic 60’s styling details including gaiters, white seat piping and spartan Jet Black or Matte Khaki Green color schemes, and it won’t take long to realize why the Scramblers of the past were the choice of Hollywood icons of the era. Triumph’s legendary air cooled, 865cc, parallel twin features modern fuel injected and with a 270 degree firing order for a distinctive exhaust note through the stylish high swept chromed side pipes you can’t fail to notice.

Inspired by the 60's Triumph off-road sports motorcycles that were stripped down for racing, the Scrambler has a unique look and feel all of its own. A modern interpretation of a timeless classic, the Scrambler demands attention wherever it goes. A sense of adventure from back in the day.


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