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The History of Suzuki Motorcycles

In 1920, the company that we know today as Suzuki was founded by an individual known Michio Suzuki. Grew when it was introduced for the first time, and the growth was not surprising, but the company in a consistent pace is slow. Suzuki had a number of models that have become popular and some that were not so popular. In 1953, won the motorcycle free diamonds in climbing Mount Fuji Hill. This is when the consumers have already started to identify the company.

Suzuki logo was created in 1954, which is still displayed until the present day. Suzuki for the first time motorcycles in the United States in 1963 and has grown more since then because of its ability to build highly efficient, affordable, and motorcycles can be relied upon.

Was due for release about one of the first motorcycles in the United States Hustler Q 6. This was one of the fastest machines available during that era. This model is replaced with the Titan, which was a model 500cc. Suzuki shocked the world when it put out the GT750, which was on a motorcycle that can be very fast with 2 stroke engine.

And found the name of Suzuki Motorcycles took the world championship races in moto number of consecutive years starting in 1971. Emissions regulations caused a bit of trouble along the way, but the company was able to adapt quickly by re-design of some four-stroke bikes in order to comply with the regulations. These bikes also went on to become very popular.

Suzuki has come on very strong in the cruiser motorcycle industry over the years, especially with the model street of their own. Street is available in a number of different sizes that are commensurate with the engine just about every rider in the pattern. Built with great looks and outstanding comfort, street provides a smooth ride it with a 5 speed transmission just about any type of terrain

Street is one of the most popular models that Suzuki has to offer, and also one of the most models that sell at reasonable prices. Priced motorcycle around 13,000 dollars depending on the style, engine size, and is available with a warranty for an unlimited period of 12 months, which is also very useful. One point is worth mentioning that security can be converted if the sale of a motorcycle before the expiration of this.

Suzuki is now one of the producers the most popular motorcycle in all parts of the world today because it provides a number of different types of motocross bikes and motorcycles, and more. With more than 1600 agents, you'll be sure to find the motorcycle or motorcycle that fits your needs.


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