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Honda Activa

Honda Motors and Scooters India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading seller of cars in India. Includes two major share-Wheeler Market in India. In 100CC segment offers a highly efficient vehicle, Honda Activa. Since its launch, it was very popular among many classes of consumers. Honda Activa is a unisex two-wheeler scoter. Now Honda has updated with more advanced features to meet user requirements.

Before starting the Activa, Honda was known for targeting scooter. Later launched Activa, which is a gearless scooter. The scooter became an immediate hit in cities between men and women both. Working women saw it as a tool to save time and energy in their daily struggle to meet the deadlines on both fronts, home and office. Actually, the inspiration for this device came from a scooter, Kinetic Control, but the Honda had more features to grab consumers' Fancy. Honda Activa is the perfect combination of styling, high performance and high fuel consumption.

Take a look and style of Activa is taken from its predecessor, The Aviator. This scooter is considered a family scooter in India. It offers excellent riding comfort and control. Headlamp this scooter is equipped with halogen headlamps and clear lens turn-indicator on the back of the scooter. There are aluminum grab rail, which is attractively designed. Regarding colors scooter, you have a wide variety to choose from. These are bright colors such as candy lucid red, purple metallic white, Pearl Sunbeam White, Grey Metallic, Silver Metallic area to black.

Speaking about the performance of the scooter, the engine is the most important element. Is powered by a 110cc engine. This engine generates maximum power at 7500 rpm. / Min to 0.9 8bhp kgm of torque at 5500 rpm. This is lace with a unique technology called CBS (Combined braking system). Use this function to be a scooter stopped using one of the brakes. Although it has other good qualities, but there is little input in the form of a reduction in the fuel tank with a capacity of 5.7 liters. Other features include increased storage, electric start, kick start,

It comes with a puncture proof rear tire, which has a tuff in the tube. It is a lightweight scooter with a metal alloy and can be easily manipulated. It is equipped with a shutter key, protecting it against protected by a duplicate key.

Honda Activa delivers decent mileage. The scooter became a perfect symbol of style, performance and availability of the Indian middle class.


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