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Sports Motorcycles Honda Interceptor VFR1200FA DCT 2010

2010 Honda New Motorcycles Interceptor VFR1200FA DCT

2010 Honda Interceptor VFR1200FA DCT


Its linear torque curve is focused in The new engine's performance is delivered where it's most useful and most enjoyable. Also borrowed from the CRF range and the RC211V MotoGP bike is the sealed crankcase system that reduces the pumping loss created through piston movement, marking the first time this system has been used on a street motorcycle. It's the same technology used in Honda's potent CRF motocross bikes.
Lightweight and compact Unicam valve train allows for significantly shorter and smaller cylinder heads with no loss in efficiency. And because the powerplant now has perfect primary balance, the need for a balance shaft is eliminated, which allows for a more compact engine and also yields a weight savings of nearly 1.4 kg (3 lb) . The engine also incorporates a special high-strength Symmetrically Coupled Phase-shift Crankshaft that features a 28-degree crankpin offset that works in concert with the 76-degree V angle to essentially negate primary engine vibration for smooth running. It also improves mass centralization, thereby contributing to the bike's balanced feel and ease of control. This layout allows for a slim, compact "waist" that fits comfortably between the rider's legs.
Unique cylinder layout locates the rear cylinders side by side but close together, and the front cylinders more widely spaced. By combining many of Honda's most advanced technologies, engineers managed to create a remarkably compact engine that's both smaller and lighter than the V-4 engine in the VFR800A. Light and compact 1,237 cc liquid-cooled 76-degree V-4 engine pumps out amazing levels of power with a distinctive feel and sound.

Honda's Combined Braking System creates the optimal balance of front and rear braking forces, while the compact and lightweight Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) lets you brake with confidence on even difficult surfaces. Powerful new six-piston calipers for the front and a two-piston caliper at the rear act on large full-floating discs (320 mm front; 276 mm rear). The VFR1200FA is equipped with a sophisticated braking system that's ideal for all-round sportbike use. At the front the VFR1200FA boasts a stout, sport-oriented 43 mm inverted cartridge fork with spring preload adjustability and 120 mm (4.7 inches) of travel.
Honda Pro-Arm single-side swingarm with single gas-charged shock features a handy remote spring-preload adjuster, rebound damping adjustability, and 130 mm (5.1 inches) of travel. The heat generated by the engine is also channelled away to keep hot air away from the rider. Plus, by channelling air through smaller apertures before it reaches the radiators and thereby increasing its velocity, engine cooling is optimized and the hot, exhausted air is carried quickly away from the rider and passenger for a cooler, more comfortable ride. Air entering between the layers and through two oval-shaped spaces in the front of the fairing is channelled in exactly the directions needed to enhance the bike's stability at higher speeds. The fairing incorporates two layers. The patented layered fairing design creates a uniquely beautiful shape and, at the same time, optimal airflow and heat management.


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