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2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS Motorcycle Covers

2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS Motorcycle Parts2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS Motorcycle Parts

- Exciting new colors: CBR1000RR - Repsol Edition, Pearl White / Light Silver Metallic, Black: CBR1000RR ABS - Red / Black - Dual - CBR1000RR ABS features higher output ACG with oil jet hole for improved cooling, higher capacity battery and distinctive silver seat rails. (see Technology Section). - CBR1000RR ABS equipped with patented, electronically controlled Combined ABS, delivering the benefits of Combined Braking System (CBS) and the benefits of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

Sports Motorcycles Honda CBR1000RR ABS 2009 Sports Motorcycles Honda CBR1000RR ABS 2009

- New lightweight turn signals. And for 2009, it's available with Honda's high-tech electronically controlled Combined ABS for the ultimate in sport bike braking performance. The CBR1000RR is the lightest, most compact, and best performing motorcycle in its class, making it the standard against which all other literbikes are measured. All the cutting-edge tech and performance the class-leading CBR1000RR has to offer—power, light weight, agile handling, wicked styling—with the added performance bonus of combined anti-lock braking (ABS). For those sport-riders seeking even greater stopping power and control, allow us to introduce the CBR1000RR with Combined Anti-Lock Braking, the most advanced (and first-ever) ABS system to find its way onto an open-class superbike.

Best Used Motorcycles Honda CBR1000RR ABS 2009Best Used Motorcycles Honda CBR1000RR ABS 2009

And for 2009 it comes with Honda's innovative electronically controlled Combined ABS — the first anti-lock braking system designed specifically for the unique demands of sportbikes. Although it's physically small for amazingly crisp handling, the CBR1000RR ABS retains the rider-friendly ergonomics that make it a great street bike, too. You've never seen anything like the Honda CBR1000RR ABS — unless you've been in the paddock at a MotoGP race lately. Stunning looks, stunning performance.


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