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2010 New Honda Motorcycle ST1300

2010 Black Honda ST1300 Motorcycle Cover2010 Black Honda ST1300 Motorcycle Cover

2010 Sport Touring Motorcycle Honda ST13002010 Sport Touring Motorcycle Honda ST1300

Large Silent-type cam-chain drive eliminates the previous model's wider belt-driven cam drive, reducing engine length 10 mm and lowering overall weight. The composite sleeves provide better wear resistance and superior heat dissipation compared to conventional sleeves. Aluminum composite cylinder sleeves are high-pressure-formed from sintered aluminum powder impregnated with ceramic and graphite.

2010 Vintage Motorcycles Honda ST13002010 Vintage Motorcycles Honda ST1300

The combination of these two balancers assures a supremely comfortable ride for the long-distance touring rider. The second shaft is positioned below the first and is driven in the opposite direction by the first balancer shaft's drive gear. The first shaft is driven directly by the crankshaft at a 2:1 ratio. Both gear-driven counterbalancer shafts are installed in the lower crankcase, to the left side of the crankshaft.

2010 New Motorcycle Honda ST13002010 New Motorcycle Honda ST1300

Two engine counterbalancers virtually eliminate primary and secondary vibration. The 360-degree crank contributes to a very broad powerband. The ST1300A's low overall centre of gravity contributes to excellent low-speed handling. Longitudinal engine mounting eliminates an inefficient 90-degree turn in the power flow for improved drivetrain efficiency. Powerful liquid-cooled 1,261 cc longitudinally mounted V-4 engine produces effortless acceleration and passing power.

2010 Honda ST1300 Motorcycle Reviews
2010 Honda ST1300 Motorcycle Reviews

Of course, comfort is key when you're riding coast to coast, so the ST gets a plush adjustable seat and an electrically adjustable windshield. And its twin-spar aluminum frame and premium suspension contribute to the ST1300A's agile handling. Its ultra-smooth fuel-injected V-4 engine can motor along effortlessly kilometre after kilometre, but it still revs like a four-cylinder Honda sportbike when you twist the throttle. If your favourite bed-table book is a road atlas, the Honda ST1300A is your kind of motorcycle.


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