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2010 New Motorcycles Norton NRV588 Race

Sports Motorcycles Norton NRV588 Race 2010Sports Motorcycles Norton NRV588 Race 2010

As we develop the engine and evaluate it's potential, we will make a further announcement to inform you if the bike will be limited to our works race team or if it will be made available into a road going bike, we expect to know more later this year. Although the 588cc engine is quick and powerful, there are great expectations for the new 700cc rotary engine. The NRV 588cc Rotary engine has been a great success for Norton throughout its years, and due to its success, we have now started to develop the race engine from 588cc to 700cc.

2010 Norton NRV588 Race Motorcycle Cover2010 Norton NRV588 Race Motorcycle Cover

Victory Motorcycles Norton NRV588 Race 2010Victory Motorcycles Norton NRV588 Race 2010

Many features on this machine are in common use on racetracks today, showing how far ahead of its time the NRV-588 was when first conceived more than 10 years ago. Outstanding features of Crighton's latest racer are numerous computer-controlled functions and the retention of the 1994 twin-shock chassis layout, but with a single shock absorber on one side, taking advantage of the SPONDON swingarm's extreme rigidity. Featured in Motor Cycle News 10 March 1994, it was a projected onward development of the Duckhams Nortons which stormed UK circuits in 1994, when Ian Simpson won the British Supercup championship and team-mate Phil Borley was third. This machine was prototyped in 2006 by Brian Crighton and is directly evolved from the racer he designed for the 1995 season.


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