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Modern and Classic Motorcycles Honda VT750C Aero 2010

2010 Honda VT750C Aero Motorcycle Cover
2010 Honda VT750C Aero Motorcycle Cover

Innovative frame design features a large steel tube backbone reaching back from strong cast steering head to the rear of the engine case for simplicity New Combined Brake System with ABS provides both the operating ease of linked front and rear brakes and the control of an advanced Anti-lock Brake System. Air-injection system injects air into the exhaust ports to ensure complete combustion. Ignition with electronic advance offers dependability.

Reliable electric starting system. Wide-ratio five-speed transmission. Mounted between frame rails for enhanced appearance. Aluminum radiator maintains consistent engine temperature for optimum performance and long engine life.

New Motorcycles Honda VT750C Aero 2010
New Motorcycles Honda VT750C Aero 2010

Finned cylinders enhance appearance and give a big-bike look. Three-valve cylinder-head design utilizes two spark plugs per cylinder for excellent combustion efficiency and high power output. Crankshaft features long-stroke design to produce strong V-twin feel and low-rpm torque peak. 745 cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine produces impressive power over a broad rpm range.

New Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) incorporates a single 34 mm throttle body. The VT750CA Aero sure is an easy bike to like. Easy on the eyes, and easy on the wallet. And check out those classically valanced fenders, the broad, low-slung solo seat with detachable passenger section, the wide tires rolling on spoke wheels, and the suspension that looks retro but feels modern-day plush. Its sophisticated 745 cc V-twin engine produces plenty of power for effortless city or highway cruising, but it doesn't overwhelm you with its size and weight the way some big-bore bikes can. Hot performance and a cool retro look — that's the Honda VT750CA Aero in a nutshell.


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