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Modifikasi Motor Bebek Shogun Dari Solo

“It’s also because I often sambangi Ototrend contest and follow the reviews,” Yudi bersapaan this bright guy. Not like years ago, now not too doi laburan totality of chrome. Staining Permaianan accessories confident enough to bring him.
Wahyudi MODIF Lanngkah trip with Suzuki Shogunnya also quite long. Having previously struggled with MODIF doi fairly simple chrome legs, step on this 2010 science MODIF aja doi increasingly responsive to the various trends that already exist.
A pair of rim Ride It 17 “arouse initial appearance legs. Especially with the red and white colors on sokbeker Nice Tech in staining sporty rear legs appear dominant here. However doi remain slightly labur chrome on some metal parts such as engines calter, Footstep, swingarm and caliper bracket.

At the foot of the front and rear doi drop this option on shared disks 32 cm in diameter keluran PSM. Tribal nuances of the election of raised bracket design both front calipers atauoun rear discs. “It is also to boost the calipers are still original manufacturer aja,” added pembesut rakitab iron horse in 2003.

Not wanting to leave a trend that could boom a few years ago, users of a pair of mirror Trusty Swarovski adoption is still in construction body cover. This old trend was deliberately collaborated with the current trends that JDM Style.

“Implementation of JDM Style by simply cutting sticker minimalist between HKS and the pull of the font graphic minimalist red and black,” continued doi. As a result hodgepodge sporty flavor and aroma wafted elegance of blue-painted iron horse is Spies Hecker. DNR

SOKBEKER DPN: Yoshimura, SOKBEKER BLK: Nice Tech, disc DPN / BLK: PSM, a rim DPN / BLK: Ride It 17 “, DPN BAN: Swallow 2.00-17, BAN BLK: Mizzle 2.15-17, steering Dump: Laytona, tachometer / GAUGE METER: Variations, mirror: Trusty, CAT / CLEAR: Spies Hecker


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