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Great Motorcycle Fashion 2010

Big Motorcycle

Great Motorcycle Fashion 2010

Those measures start with using 80-spoke wheels instead of elaborate CNC billet jobs, and go on from there to the elimination of a good deal of the polishing and plating that characterize the premium models.It The Mutt shares the S&S 117″ mill, Baker Drivetrain RSD DD 6-speed transmission, Baker/Big Dog Balanced Drive primary drive, and PM brake calipers with Brembo rotors with the rest of the lineup as well as Big Dog’s signature controls, instrumentation, air cleaner and coil covers.

Those are the only concessions made to achieve the lower price point; the essential Dog soul remains intact. The Mutt is also equipped with a Supertrapp 2-into-1 exhaust instead of the proprietary Big Dog system. The Mutt’s fender struts, instrument housing and license plate frame are color-match powder coated, and the motor is given a black wrinkle powder coat finish rather than the hand-polishing treatment.


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