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2010 The New BMW R1200RT

2010 BMW R1200RT

2010 BMW R1200RT the new motorcycle from BWW. The 2010 BMW R1200RT Remarkably, this bike has a dual overhead cam engine 1200 cc (more precisely 1170 cc)! BMW R 1200 RT is known as a comfortable and dynamic motorcycle with the classic style of the tongkrongannya. Well, the final version of this enriched BMW touring bike with a range of innovations, including the boxer engine.

Both the structure and configuration, R1200 RT is supported by the machine Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) are also present in the BMW HP2 Sport. Of course with the upgrading and optimization, nih motor already meet high standards for motorcycle touring. Powerful 1170 cc, has qualified to bulldoze a long way in a variety of conditions and situations. BMW says that the machine can remove the torque ranging from 85-88 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm, create a greater acceleration as well. The range of engine speeds can reach a maximum of 8.500 rpm.

From the comfort of driving, has not be doubted is the BMW. The position of the saddle, stand, and handlebaar give the bikers and boncengers more relaxed and comfortable when naikin nih motor. He cried nih R 1200 RT is a tool Multi-Controller. Located on the left handlebar that can be reached anytime, here the tool as a computer mouse, respond wheel spin and pressure, allows bikers to make choosing a favorite radio or select a song choice. Here audio system is also connected with the MP3 player, iPod or USB. Complete dah bener nih turing facility of the motor. Super right?!


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