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2010 New Motorcycles For Sale Yamaha YZ450F

2010 Blue Yamaha YZ450F Motorcycle Cover2010 Blue Yamaha YZ450F Motorcycle Cover

The YZ450F is a "no compromise" machine designed to win with styling highlights that will turn heads at the same time. The new YZ450F features engine and chassis designs that separate Yamaha from the competition. Fuel injection, "reversed" rearward slanted engine, Tornado exhaust, "Bilateral Beam" frame, new swingarm, longer suspension travel,the ist of improvements goes on.

2010 White Yamaha YZ450F Motorcycle Cover2010 White Yamaha YZ450F Motorcycle Cover

2010 Sports Motorcycles Yamaha YZ450F2010 Sports Motorcycles Yamaha YZ450F

Add fuel injection to the mix of of these new innovations and you'll agree: backward is the right way forward. The all-new Bilateral Beam frame and suspension offer fantastic feedback to the rider. But slanting the cylinder rearward and reversing the intake and exhaust ports, the 2010 Yamaha YZ450F's mass is more centralized for amazing balance, unprecedented handling and cornering. The revolutionary new 2010 YZ450F will have many gazing far into the future. New bikes amke some people stare.

2010 New Motocross Yamaha YZ450F2010 New Motocross Yamaha YZ450F

Mass centralization combines with excellent "Rideability" to provide riders with a machine that exceeds expectations. Our engineers stepped out side of the box and the result is a stunning new machine which showcases Yamaha's latest MX technologies. Yamaha has "spun" the MX world 180 degrees with the introduction of the new and innovative 2010 Yamaha YZ450F. The revolutionary new YZ450F: So forward thinking everything else seems backwards.


bala murugan said...

Amazing work guv. I'm so stunned, it hurts. Definitely keen to see how it turns out!
That really is a great shot. Either the roads were pretty empty or you move pretty fast.

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