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2010 Top Adventure Motorcycles Yamaha YZ250

2010 New Motorcycles For Sale Yamaha YZ2502010 New Motorcycles For Sale Yamaha YZ250

2010 Yamaha YZ250 Motorcycle Cover2010 Yamaha YZ250 Motorcycle Cover

Beta titanium shock spring, lightweight "ti" footpegs, aluminium frame and swingarm, Pro Taper handlebars, 48mm adjustable inverted fork, quick adjust clutch … the list is impressive. Let's run down the list of great features found on the 2010 YZ250. The 2010 YZ250 is ready to race out of the crate complete with ProTaper aluminum handlebar, titanium footpegs, gripper seat and Excel rims. Our legendary two-stroke is more potent than ever with a light aluminum frame housing a patented YPVS Power value-equipped engine that delivers great power-to-weight ratio.

2010 Best Performance Motocross Yamaha YZ2502010 Best Performance Motocross Yamaha YZ250

2010 New Sports Motorcycles Yamaha YZ2502010 New Sports Motorcycles Yamaha YZ250

We love the smell of premix in the morning. Perhaps a 4-stroke MX bike is not the machine for you so we have taken some of the best features of our 4-stroke YZ line and have added them to the 2010 Yamaha YZ250, so it maintains its competitive edge. Choice is a good thing and the more choices the better. Our legendary two-stroke Supercross winner is more potent than ever.


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