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New Motorcycles for Sale Yamaha Majesty 2010

Best Scooter Motorcycles Yamaha Majesty 2010Best Scooter Motorcycles Yamaha Majesty 2010

The Majesty is fully highway capable, even with 2 aboard. With plenty of room for a passenger, plus huge storage space for all of your gear - not to mention the power to push it, thanks to a 395cc, 4-valve, 4-stroke engine - the Majesty gives you a ride that'll always have you grasping for new and better superlatives to describe it. Convenient automatic “gas it and go” transmission and unparalleled weather protection are features of this class-leading "maxi" scooter. Enjoy lots of responsive power while you cruise effortlessly in comfort around the city or on the highway.

2010 Yamaha Majesty Motorcycle Cover2010 Yamaha Majesty Motorcycle Cover

But at the gas pump, you'll pay…well, like a pauper. On the road, the luxurious and sophisticated Majesty is truly a prince. Run at highway speeds and cruise around town. 2010 Majesty features a rugged and reliable four stroke engine, fully automatic transmission and push button electric starter. Mobile Throne.

Vintage Scooter Motorcycles Yamaha Majesty 2010Vintage Scooter Motorcycles Yamaha Majesty 2010

2010 Hot Scooter Motorcycles Yamaha Majesty2010 Hot Scooter Motorcycles Yamaha Majesty

Offering a fully automatic transmission, an upgright riding position, great weather protection, and tons of room for a passenger and gear, the 2010 Yamaha Majesty breaks the traditional scooter mold and is fully highway capable. The 395cc 2010 Majesty pumps out the power of a motorcycle with the convenience and comfort of a scooter. The 2010 Yamaha Majesty, one of 2 "maxi" scooters in our 2010 Yamaha line-up. Ready to go beyond city streets with punchy performance and practical features galore.


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