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Top Adventure Style Honda Nouvo Customized

Top Adventure Style Honda Nouvo CustomizedADVENTURE STYLE HONDA NOUVO CUSTOMIZED

Need to be different and far from the general impression, so about the basic idea of the cultivation of Fredy's Honda Romain Nouvo this. Besides his love of mountain bikes to make it modifications embodied in the two-wheeler that had won the title of The Innovator in the 2009 Djarum Black MOTODIFY held in Palembang (10-11/10) ago. Kept going down the hill theme, the matic was transformed into more streamlined like a bicycle adventure.

In connection with activities as the owner dilakoni distributions, then no wonder if his departure to Bandung to shop instead delivered to a chassis shop in the city's development. "In order to complete the look add me choose handlebars and wheels and tires from Maxxis bicycle belongs," said the man who was familiarly called Eep. As for Tromol, depend Eep Minimoto's products.

Level of difficulty occurs when the rear wheel Tromol cultivation, where the standards differ matic owned factories with other motors, so the hard work necessary to make their own Tromol so they can be "fit" with a bicycle wheel. Turning to the selection of body colors, "For color, I admit a little difficult to integrate the right color, the solution I tried browsing the internet and yellow i find like this," so firmly that a childless father.

Machine is supporting the performance of this down hill matic, in order to meet his needs as a motor that can keep moving the kitchen was forced to speed up the bore. As a result the standard piston was retired and replaced with the role of Suzuki Thunder. One thing that deserves the attention of this modification is suitable to be used and by the owner had used for three times to adventure. Being a winner is the target to be achieved by a 28-year-old man was. Not in vain his efforts succeeded and this achievement became the motivation to work on other motorcycles more innovative.


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