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2011 Zero XU Urban Crosser Announced

2011 Zero XU Urban Crosser1 2011 Zero XU Urban Crosser Announced
Zero Motorcycles has just announced the addition of another model of the recently unveiled its 2011 line-up, Zero XU. Based on off-road X-frame, XU get their own basket and a street-to-use components to create the “Urban Crosser” package, which has a removable battery flexability. It ’s more than just the Zero X, Street tires.
The XU you sit a few inches near the road (a couple with one seat lower) than the friars of the earth environment and should give you more agility necessary for the environment in this house appeal of the machine. The region is linked by 25 miles (40 km) with EPA udds 30 miles (48 km) is possible if you really easy. We hear so quickly to the line Zero MX and has a speed of 51 mph (82 km / h) above. It comes with an integrated charger and power-vacuum in two hours or only 1.2 hours with the optional quick charger.
The price is the sum of 7995 as the Zero X and XU are eligible for federal tax credit if you take a second set of two KWh. Discover the series of photos in the gallery below before making your way past the breaking of the official press release and music videos Zero XU free in their natural habitat.


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