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BMW Scooter C Concept

BMW Concept C Scooter

BMW has just released photos and details with the BMW Concept C Scooter, which is a big scooter that will serve as platform for two new premium scooters with internal combustion engines scheduled to make it into production in the future.

BMW Scooter C ConceptBMW Scooter C Concept

The BMW Concept C Scooter is being showcased at the EICMA in Milan these days, and in terms of design some of the lines that will make it recognisable include the 'split face', the high rear section and the close cut, speeder-style windscreen.

BMW Scooter C ConceptBMW Scooter C Concept Picture

The BMW Concept C Scooter uses a powerful two cylinder engine combined with a continuously variable transmission, and some of its highlights include the black chromium suspension, the short and sporty muffler or the front-wheel control that looks like an upside down fork.


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