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Ducati Monster GP Replica Unveiled

Ducati Monster GP Replica Picture Ducati Monster GP Replica 
Ducati has created its own way of supporting both Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden in MotoGP event in 2011. Way, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer launched its new Monster Moge. Although older models, but it seems cooler because it becomes a stylish graphic Desmosedici GP11 The weapons are so Docter (Rossi) and Hayden.

The main difference between the standard model of a course in graphic design in the form of two white lines, including her lucky number 46 painted on the tank engine a distinctive yellow color. While on the one hand, there is practically nothing changes.
Ducati also sold separately for additional accessories such as tanks with special strips, micro-bikini fairing, single seat cover and front fender. Everything can be applied directly to the motor without changes for 10 minutes. Packages are available for all standard models of Monster 696, 796, 1100, 1100 and 1100EVO Monster. The accessories are available from cheaper € 552.34 (RP6, 7 million euro) for foreign taxes and has been available in Europe, the Ducati dealership in May 2011.


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