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Honda Tiger 250 Top Speed

Honda Tiger 250 Top Speed...................
After we berkecewa ria with the arrival batalnya Honda Tiger 250, we disuguhi information about the coming new Tiger. A little leak that I can from the Automotive edition 23: XVII-change the change that will be the new Tiger dihidangkan through this, what?

Starting from the engine, sorry this sector can not seem to change. Information obtained indicate that the engine is still used 200cc, Honda Tiger likely will remain a GL200 engine that has been used since Tiger was first launched in 1994.

Body is a matter of course change. Wing tank and shroud enlarged, looks more sturdy stool according to Automotive. The more there is in front of the light (he said) made streetfighter style layout with a pointed and divided two. For the light I was interested because a rare form of light so to the local motor. To the rear is made clear cornea may be using mica with red light or mikanya didobel such as the Yamaha Vega R.

To sasis he said made more rigid, either if new sasis Tiger still holds the same as the preceding type (diamond) or using a new type sasis. Possible new uses Tiger akan sasis type cradle that is also used by Yamaha Scorpio. To sasis deltabox seems difficult to remember the characters for this Honda, plus sasisnya deltabox if the informant should have been ranting.

There are interesting, new Tiger features a cool performance. Klaimnya new Tiger is able to reach the speed 150 km / hour, but because of security problems and limited to 120 km / hour. Wah this is intention or wish to campaign I do not know how. What's new Tiger may actually only be able to reach the speed 120 km / hr, only the prestige it so, so there is a kind of claim it. Ah we do not know the exact time for this.


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