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Lets Get Honda Beat

Lets Get Honda Beat.....................
According to people in PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in the event launching Honda CS-1 in Surabaya, Minggu (6 / 4) yesterday, AHM will sell adiknya Vario-class target for low end. Yes, the correct skutik named Icon in Thailand. Even now the country's White Elephant has many versions modification. Start light to extreme change. Examples on this page. Ubahannya concept called techno art that is mengombinasi body art design with elements of hi-tech.Rancangan bodinya thick feel of the sport itself. Visible on the stern of the vessel been taper MotoGP race. Moreover, after the two exchanged with the tire tread width. Consequently aroma motor sport so the santer tercium.

While elements teknonya shown on the part of some pengaplikasian impressive sophisticated design. Eg waste gas channel silencernya formed a kind of triangle, and on the side of the given lattice kayak channel respiratory shark. Then construction monosok behind the original portrait, altered sleep. Not to mention the addition of arm on the right side of the rear wheels designed ignites Fender roda.Oh yes, the motor is offering AP Thai Honda. Participate in the boot they displayed in the title of 29th Bangkok International Motor Show that ended Sunday (6 / 4) yesterday. In addition to several other modifications. Well, who knows this change can be your inspiration for the later skutik want to buy it.
Which, cool huh?


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